Reap the Benefits of Exercise

Ok, you know exercise is a good idea for anyone.  Many have thought of all the excuses of why not to exercise - maybe due to time limitations or not knowing where to start or perhaps the idea of sweating.

Instead, focus on how exercise can help!  Read on to learn about the many health benefits.

Weight loss - Possibly the most obvious benefit!  If your doctor has talked about weight loss, exercise can help you to do this.  Exercise increases calories burned and therefore helps to reduce body weight.

Diabetes - Regular exercise can be very beneficial to those who have diabetes.  Specifically, those with type 2 diabetes (the most common type) may see improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity from exercise.  

Heart Disease - Those with diabetes are at increased risk for heart disease.  Exercise reduces risk for heart disease by strengthening the heart.  The heart is a muscle and can be conditioned with exercise.  Exercise helps reduce resting heart rate.  Exercise also aids in reducing blood pressure.  Finally, exercise helps to increase the "good cholesterol" (HDL cholesterol).  HDL cholesterol carries cholesterol out of the body instead of depositing it in the arteries or tissues.

Osteoporosis - Any exercise that is weight bearing, such as walking, jogging, or jumping rope, can aid in reducing bone loss and is helpful in reducing risk for osteoporosis.

Psychological Benefits - You may have heard of an "exercise high" - this is actually your body chemically releasing something called endorphins.  Endorphins are believed to aid in appetite control, reduction in anxiety, improved mood, and aid in relaxation.

Focus on these benefits when getting ready to exercise.  Do something for your body today - physical exercise!

As always, prior to starting an exercise program, check with your doctor and diabetes educator.