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Weight Loss for diabetes and pre-diabetes
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Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight gain are affected by:

  1. Food Consumption (calories consumed)
  2. Energy Expended (activity such as exercise)

One pound of body weight is equal to 3500 calories. Lose 1 pound of weight each week by reducing food consumed daily by 250 calories and increasing energy expended by 250 calories for a total daily calorie deficit of 500. Five hundred calories per day x 7 days per week = 3500 calories, or one pound weight loss per week.

Use our Body Calculator link to determine how many calories your body needs (at rest) to maintain current body weight. Next, choose an activity factor provided below the body calculator results and multipy this factor by calories at rest. The result is the amount of calories your body requires to maintain current weight. Weight loss occurs when you decrease calories consumed or increase calories used. Select a healthy meal plan and get into the habit of exercising 30-45 minutes every day.

The goal of long term weight loss is best accomplished by adopting eating and exercise habits that you will stick with every day. Gaining weight doesn't occur overnight and neither does losing it. Do not become discouraged, stay focused on your goal and know that it takes time. When weight loss occurs, you will be able to move better, breathe better, and resting heart rate will decrease making exercise a bit easier to accomplish each day.

Benefits of weight loss and physical fitness are numerous. Just a few of these benefits are better control of blood sugar levels, reduction of blood pressure, and increased "good cholesterol".

DiabetesPlanner.com offers complete menus with recipes, grocery lists, and Nutrition Facts to support weight loss and glucose control.  These menus are e-mailed to you weekly to help you stay focused on preventing or controlling Type 2 Diabetes.

Learn more about the complete menus!

How I lost 30 pounds & kept the weight off!

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